Sometimes it’s the simple things

Raise your hand if your a working mother trying to balance work and home life. Yep, my hand is raised too. It is not easy to work a full day, come home, make dinner, spend time with children, spend time with hubby, and feel like you still have the energy to do something as simple as washing dishes. And don’t forget about cleaning the house, taking care of the lawn and flowers, and everything else that moms are responsible for. I’m exhausted just thinking about it. 

I am fortunate enough to have a husband that will share in these duties with me. A few years ago he was really sick and needed a liver transplant. While he was sick he was unable to work, and we waited for a transplant for a couple of years. Once he fully recovered from his transplant (hooray!), we had been living off lower income for so long that we decided maybe it was better for him to be a stay at home dad. He could be there for our daughter everyday after school, help with homework, and taxi her around when needed. I am 100% convinced that if and when possible, family is better then daycare. But I also understand it is not feasible for everyone, and it hasn’t been easy, but we make it work. 

Back to sharing house duties. My husband will willingly do laundry throughout the week. I cannot tell you how wonderful this is for me. By the time the weekend rolls around there’s usually only a load left to do. Love it! As for the housework and lawn work, that differs week to week. I try very hard not to harp on the fact that he is home everyday, all day. But it’s hard when Saturday rolls around and no cleaning has been done and the lawn still needs mowing. Doing all of that is an all day task, even when we are all working together. I work all week and I just want to relax on the weekends. Sounds reasonable, right?

Every now and then my husband will surprise me. This past week for example, he did a little bit of house cleaning every day and mowed on Friday so that everything was done by the weekend. It was so refreshing to wake up Saturday morning knowing that I could take it easy. I could stay in bed longer if I wanted to, play games with my daughter, or lounge around outside. The day belonged to me, not to house chores! It wasn’t candy, flowers, or a date night, but I think I like this romantic gesture even better. Sometimes it’s the simple things like a little house cleaning that make you smile. And I was certainly smiling all day Saturday. 


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