The one dreaded day of the year…….

Every year there is a particular day at the end of the summer that I just want to skip over. I want to bury my head in the sand like a flamingo and pretend it doesn’t exist. I want to wake up and realize that the day had already passed and went by so fast I didn’t remember it. We all have those days. Some more than others. Last Friday was that day for me. Back to school shopping day. Mothers of pre-teen daughters with a distinct fashion sense, are you with me?

It’s not the crowds that bother me, although sometimes it can be a little aggravating when you have no space to move or breathe. It’s not the drive that bothers me. I live in small town America. The closest mall we have is 45 minutes away, and it is nothing to brag about by no means. It’s not even the fact that my husband absolutely refuses to come anymore because he just can’t handle it. It ends up being a great bonding day for my daughter and I. So what is it that bothers me so much?

My daughters closed minded fashion sense. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love her with all my heart. Even during these trying pre-teen years (which are almost over as she turns 13 in October when the real fun begins!), I am so happy that God blessed me with a daughter. I’ve dreamed of it since I was a little girl. I envisioned cute dresses, hair bows, doll houses, helping in the kitchen, and lots of girl talks. You know what I didn’t envision? Her having her own mind! Which, by the way, I am thankful for. Except when we are school shopping. 

Have you ever gone shopping and only had one specific item you knew you wanted? That was my daughter. She saw this olive green sweater online that she just had to have. Now I don’t mean any olive green sweater. It has to be the type that you wear over a shirt and doesn’t button up. (Can you tell I have no clue what the proper fashion word for that is?!) and it can’t be green, light green, or hunter green. Olive green only. I cannot tell you how many stores we went to to find this shirt. I found other colors that were nice: black, blue, red, white, gray, and regular green. No olive green. 

The thing about it was that she was focusing so much on finding that one shirt that she barely paid attention to the other shirts in the stores. Thinking about it now, maybe I should be happy. It saved me money!! But she only ended up with a couple new shirts. I’m thankful she had some old shirts that still fit otherwise the principal might be in for a surprise. I only wonder what this means for next year. What will the one item be? Will I finally be able to convince her that there are other clothes in the world besides that one item? I think I’m dreading it already and it’s a full year away. 

So to all the mothers out there going through the same thing, God bless you. I know it’s a struggle, but better days are ahead. Perhaps it is just a phase. If so, let’s hope that phase goes away before next August. Oh, and by the way, we did finally find that olive green sweater. On shopping day two in a different mall. Hey, sometimes you go a little above and beyond for your kid. I was happy to take her shopping again and once I saw the look on her face when she found her olive green sweater it was all worth it. 


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