It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I can almost hear the song playing in the background as I rummage through my cookbooks and recipes and figure out what Christmas goodies I will be making this year. I can almost hear the sounds of my favorite Christmas movies that we watch year after year. In fact I bet all three of us can quote a few of them from start to finish. And I can almost smell the balsam fir candle burning, which is the closest thing I will have in my house to a real tree! But before I can get into the Christmas spirit, it’s time for the other most wonderful time of the year. Fall. Yes, I said it, fall. Everyone who knows me knows how much I love Christmas. I start my Christmas season on November 1st. For all you pre-thanksgiving haters, just know that I don’t do it openly. I keep it to myself. And my husband. And my daughter. They don’t have a choice!

Back to fall. I absolutely love fall, almost as much as Christmas. I love the cooler temperatures, the beautiful artwork of God over all the trees, the scents of pumpkins, apples, cinnamon, and all those fall spices. I love acorn squash and using my oven for the first time since spring. Look, when you don’t have central air, or an ac, it is very difficult to make lasagna in the summertime without wanting to pass out. So I just don’t make it! It’s time for football, soccer, chili, and baked goods.

Last year throughout the fall and winter I told my family I would make at least one baked treat every weekend. For the most part I did it, but it was hard to keep everyone happy. Caitlin does not like anything baked with apples, but she’ll eat plain apples. She is all about pumpkin. Pumpkin bread, muffins, pie, cake, cookies, and anything else we can look up on Pinterest. Can I tell you a secret? I love those things too, but let’s face it – life needs a little variety. So I tried not to make the same thing two weeks in a row, unless I had a second choice. Enter cranberries, blueberries, apples, ripe bananas, and many other things. Of course there had to be some mom choices too. Case in point, strawberry rhubarb pie. No one eats it but me and my nephew. That’s okay, more for us!

So this fall I have a couple of resolutions. No need to wait for January after all! Here they are, in no particular order:

  • Bake at least one thing every weekend. It is always nice to have baked goods in the house.
  • Take more pictures. I have grown very fond of taking pictures of nature, but never take the time to go outside with my camera. This is going to change. Today. Or maybe tomorrow, it is nighttime after all.
  • Read my bible everyday, and continue to do so. Don’t let “time” be an excuse.
  • Enjoy the sports games we attend. Caitlin plays modified soccer and I love going to her game, but sometimes the traveling can get to me. I just need to remind myself that she is growing up and I need to savor every moment. Ethan, my nephew, plays elementary football. It’s fun, but I little disorganized. And my niece Alyssa plays red soccer. She’s in first grade so they still look like bumblebees. That makes my heart smile.
  • Make more soups and stews. I hope to find and create more recipes to warm us up on those cool and chilly days.

Nothing fancy and unattainable, but something I need to start working on. Today. What do you love be about the (second) most wonderful time of the year? And if you have some delicious fall recipes, please be sure to share!


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